Precision Cutting Dies


Service & Repair

At Precision Cutting Dies, we are pleased to offer our customers a dedicated and complete service, which includes the repair, sharpening and refurbishment of all tools and dies.

Manual preparation of tools

We are proud to use the latest die making technology and even though manual preparation has declined, our highly skilled team are still able to offer this service needed for unique tooling or as required.

Blading of Tool & our Automated Bender

The next stage is also conducted using up to the minute technology. We use a fully integrated laser cutting and rule processing system; the latter automatically cuts the blades to size and bends them to the correct shape.  The advantage this gives us is that the laser and the rule-processor can share all the data simultaneously. Furthermore, the systems are completely integrated as there is only one program running both the laser cutter and the bender, giving you the guarantee of a top quality end product.

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